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ALTOFEST Valletta 2022


– Special Edition –

October 13-16, 2022


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ALTOFEST, by TreatInGestAzione, is a human-specific project that turns homes into performance spaces after a period of co-habitation of artists with residents in a unique political act to reimagine a city as a community, united through art, questioning the relationship between artistic practices and daily life.

Thanks to the Valletta Cultural Agency, in synergy with the Valletta Design Cluster and with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of Valletta and Eu-Japan Fest, this October the festival is back in Malta. 2022 is dedicated to Valletta.

Nine international artists came to Valletta, to live and work in the homes of nine residents and families.

Out of the blue is a synthesis of the aesthetic matters emerging from the dramaturgy of Altofest Valletta 2022. It represents the link between all the performances scheduled from 14th to 16th October.

The works that make up Altofest Valletta 2022 invite us to dive into unusual, unexpected dimensions that seem to come out of the blue. They are pieces of a broken tradition, of a shattered heritage, that leave room for that element that remains outside the frame that cannot be foreseen or neutralised through systems of control.






Compagnia MENHIR


menhir 1024x682

Cohesion, creation, research and innovation. This is not yet another production destined for a complex, difficult and evanescent market, but a process for the regeneration of artistic practice in the field of choreography.





Enzo Mirone

Operina elettro-meccanica – Ho stretto i pugni e sono nato…

mirone bg

A little poem in music and video-fragments for electro-mechanical automations and resulting toys. A work on persistence, a reflection on what remains of what is not there and is more entrusted to the coexistence and interaction of different languages, intentionally reduced to their most basic form.





Roberto Corradino

Naked and simply anarchic

conferenza 3

Act IV, scene I, King Richard II, by William Shakespeare. Richard Il, King of England, is going to be deposed. However, Richard is mainly a poet: he abdicates and let himself be deposed as a poet. Just one actor in fictional conference at the moment of the deposition, in the King’s holy body. The audience, like the Lords and Peers of England, waiting for the show of the King’s fall.






  • Organizzato da: TeatrinGestAzione and VCA
  • In collaborazione con: VDC and EU Japan Fest