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Nell’ambito della serie “La Scatola Magica” DALL’ITALIA AL KENYA CON AMORE Videoconferenza con l’archeologo Guido Palmerini

The Magic Box gets off to a great start, in this new year of activity, with a very interesting conversation on “#MajellaRockArtProject: archaeological research on the rock art of the Abruzzo Apennines”, by the archaeologist Guido Palmerini. In the Majella National Park, in Abruzzo, some of the most important evidence of human evolution in the mountain environment are concentrated. Through the study of the archaeological finds recovered in the protected area over the last sixty years (mostly bones of slaughtered animals and artifacts of different shapes), it was possible to obtain a lot of information on Abruzzo prehistory. However, among the most interesting and least studied documents of the region, is post glacial rock art which with its stylized images, engraved and painted in red or black, provides some interesting clues about the life of our ancient ancestors in late prehistory Abruzzo. Who were they? What did they think? How did they express themselves? In what environment did they live? And how were they organized? In addition to the general characteristics of Abruzzo rock art, which finds comparisons in the Mediterranean area with the schematic painted art of the Spanish Levant and the French Midi, the archaeologist Guido Palmerini, researcher of the CEPAM laboratory of the Université Cote d’Azur (Nice, France), he will tell us about some preliminary results of the #MajellaRockArtProject, a scientific research project sponsored by the Majella National Park (Abruzzo, Italy) and conducted by him.
The topic is undoubtedly fascinating and will intrigue you all. Guido will be happy to answer all your questions.
Don’t forget to make a note of January 12, 6:00 pm, in your diary!

Link to access the videoconference:
Passcode: YPSxL5

  • Organized by: IIC - La Valletta e La Scatola Magica
  • In collaboration with: Ambasciata d'Italia a Malta