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Dante’s Memory: From Fixity to Fluidity



Dante’s Memory: From Fixity to Fluidity

Dante’s Memory: From Fixity to Fluidity

17 giugno 2022 alle 18:00

Faculty of Arts Library, Msida Campus


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Abbiamo l'onore di aver collaborato con il Department of Italian della Faculty of Arts e l'Institute of Anglo-Italian Studies della University of Malta per questa conferenza in inglese della Dott.ssa Eleonora Buonocore (University of Calgary).



Memory played a key role in the Middle Ages: it was ubiquitous in medieval education, from rhetoric to philosophy and even theology. Dante’s Divine Comedy is a masterpiece of medieval culture, yet, before Dr Buonocore’s research, there was no comprehensive study of Dante's concept of memory.

Dr Buonocore argues that memory is one of the underlying structuring principles of the Comedy itself. Dante begins with a rhetorical memory trap, rooted in the fixity of the art of memory, that is a punishment in Inferno. In Purgatorio memory becomes a force for good, linked to prayer, which reduces penance. In Eden, at the rivers Lethe and Eunoè, signifying oblivion and good memory, there is a paradigm shift: from memory to forgetfulness. This oblivious memory fluid and altruistic, informed by theology, is the only memory left in Paradiso.



Dr Buonocore is currently completing a book showing the Divine Comedy's importance within the studies of memory in the European Middle Ages.



Data: Ven 17 Giu 2022

Orario: Alle 18:00

Organizzato da : University of Malta

In collaborazione con : IIC La Valletta

Ingresso : Libero


Faculty of Arts Library, Msida Campus