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Chi Siamo


Chi Siamo

Being the Cultural Office of the Italian Embassy in Malta, the Italian Cultural Institute of Valletta is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Therefore, the Embassy’s Cultural Attachée is also the Director of the Institute.


Emblem of a heritage whose roots run deep into the Maltese islands, the Institute’s primary mission is to promote the Italian language, art and culture.


This translates into the organization and promotion of a number of events such as exhibits, concerts, plays, and conferences, but the Institute also aims at interacting with the whole network of universities, study centers and educational institutions – both in Malta and Italy – to encourage an ongoing and constructive dialogue.


Last but not least, the Institute also hosts a well-stocked library with appox. 12.000 books our members can freely refer to and borrow.





Prof. Carlo Alberto Dorigo 1971-1978

Prof. Gaetano Gangi 1979-1982

Prof. Mario Sintich 1982-1985

Prof. Giuseppe Xausa 1985-1989

Prof. Pietro Insana 1989-1993

Prof. Giuseppe Xausa 1993-1998

Dott.ssa Rosanna Cravenna 1998-2004

Dott.ssa Anna Maria Di Marco 2004-2009

Dott. Bruno Busetti 2009-2012

Dott. Salvatore Schirmo 2012-2017

Dott. Massimo Sarti 2018-2021