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Book on Italian popular culture at the crossroads between folk and horror



Book on Italian popular culture at the crossroads between folk and horror

On Thursday 15 July 2021 at 18:00, Dr Fabrizio Foni, senior lecturer within the Department of Italian and member of the Institute of Anglo-Italian Studies at the University of Malta, will be presenting the latest book which he edited with Fabio Camilletti (reader and head of Italian Studies at the University of Warwick).The book is titled ‘Almanacco dell’orrore popolare: Folk Horror e immaginario italiano’ (Odoya, 2021), and will be presented during an online event organised by the Italian Cultural Institute in Valletta, under the aegis of the Embassy of Italy in Malta.

The book presentation will be also attended by journalist and independent scholar Rosario Battiato as well as by Dr Stefano Zammit (Junior College), who teaches Italian language, literature and culture and, as a researcher, specialises in religious literature. Both Rosario Battiato and Stefano Zammit contributed an article to ‘Almanacco dell’orrore popolare’, a 400-page illustrated book that casts an innovative light on Italy, at the crossroads between mass-mediatic culture and its most ancestral and sombre heritage. The oeuvre was warmly praised by ‘Il Venerdì’, weekly supplement to the newspaper ‘La Repubblica’, and by the programme ‘Wonderland’ of the TV channel Rai 4.

The deployment of the expression ‘orrore popolare’ does justice to the historically peculiar and inextricable merging of folklore and pop in the Italian cultural landscape and, at the same time, urges a reappraisal, in light of such a fertile mixture, of numerous cultural products which have wrongly been labelled as either ephemeral and merely derivative, or rooted in a stereotypically cheerful and/or sunny ‘Italianness’.

Witchcraft, ever-lingering pagan rites, woodland monsters, wolves and werewolves, the tormented souls of purgatory, uncanny dolls, people haplessly buried alive, the devilish Krampus of Alpine folklore, the darkest (but also imaginative) side of Etruscology, diabolical possessions and murders, are but a few of the topics discussed in ‘Almanacco dell’orrore popolare’.

To attend the book presentation, which will be held in Italian, kindly click on this Zoom join link (passcode: 5t3BYr).

The event will be also livestreamed on the YouTube channel of the Italian Cultural Institute in Valletta.

Further information is available online.


Date: Thursday, July 15, 2021

Time: At 6:00 pm

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura | La Valletta

In collaboration with : Dipartimento d'Italiano dell' UniversitĂ  di Malta.

Entrance : Free