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Talk by Dr. Giselle Spiteri Miggiani – “A passport to Malta: stories of Italian artists on between the 18th and the 19th century in Malta”

Talk by Dr. Mario Pace – “The language of comedy and love in plays by the three Mediterranean playwrights of the 17th century: Carlo Magri, Francesco Cavanna, Niccolo’ Amenta”

Passport to Malta: stories of Italian performers on the island between the 18th and 19th centuries.

The intense artistic exchange between Malta and Naples enriched the Maltese theatre stage with the presence of several Italian actors, singers, musicians, set designers and impresarios, each with their own rich baggage of stories and curious anecdotes. These include arguments, complaints, recommendations, jealousy, strikes, police arrests, not to mention the rivalry between prima donnas. In other words, all that happens behind the scenes depicting the person rather than the character performed. It is also worth indulging in the interesting bureaucratic process of the time that enabled these performers to travel and move to another country. For some performers, the island simply served as a career launch pad to get to other European theatres. Hence, they left after a theatrical season or two, while some others stayed on and chose Malta as their new home.

Dr. Giselle Spiteri Miggiani teaches Audiovisual Translation at the University of Malta, among other universities in Spain, Italy and the UK. Her PhD research focused on the historical theatre exchange between Malta and Italy. Soon after she specialised in the field of film translation, more specifically in Italian television dubbing. She has been working as a translator and dubbing scriptwriter of films, TV series and documentaries broadcast on RAI and Mediaset channels since 2006.

Her most recent publication is a monograph titled Dialogue writing for dubbing, an insider’s perspective (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019). She co-authored Teatru Manoel, The National Theatre of Malta. Ad Honestam Populi Oblectationem (Midsea, 2016), while her forthcoming monograph will be titled Eldorado della Laringe: vicende inedite di artisti in viaggio nel mediterraneo fra ‘700 e ‘800. (Edizioni Sinestesie)

Dr. Mario Pace - "The language of comedy and love in the works of three Mediterranean playwrights of the Seventeenth Century: Carlo Magri, Francesco Cavanna, Niccolò Amenta."

The Seventeenth Century was characterised by progress throughout the Mediterranean. Carneval, the arrival in the city of victorious leaders and other similar events, were occasions for official celebrations which consisted not only of banquets and balls but also of theatrical performances. This enthusiasm for theatrical performances became ever more popular and affected in no small measure the organisation of free time in palaces and courts. Three mediterranean authors who contributed to the enrichment of Baroque dramaturgy in the Italian language were Carlo Magri from Malta, Francesco Cavanna from Sicily and Niccolò Amenta from Naples. The themes of comedy and love always featured prominently in their plays.

Dr Mario Pace is a Resident Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Education of the University of Malta, responsable for the pedagogical formation of future teachers of Italian as a foreign language. He was awarded the title of “Cavaliere dell'Ordine della Stella d'Italia" (OSI) by the President of the Italian Republic for his persistent efforts towards the promotion and teaching of Italian in Maltese schools and other Educational Institutions. He also works in very close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Employment where he is responsible for the promotion of foreign languages in Malta. He was also responsable for the design ande implementation process on a National scale of the SPA - Subject Proficiency Assessment – programme in foreign languages at Secondary school level as well as for the new FLAP - Foreign Language Awareness Programme – in Primary schools. He partecipated in various International conferences both in Europe and the USA and is the author of various academic papers and chapters in books. Recently he published the book Marco Largi ovvero Carlo Magri - drammaturgo maltese (1617 – 1693). Vita e opere (Midsea 2018).


Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Time: At 6:30 pm

Organized by : Istituto Italiano di Cultura | La Valletta

In collaboration with : Faculty of Education - Department of Humanities & Languages in Education (University of Malta) e Faculty of Arts - Department of Translation, Terminology and Interpreting Studies

Entrance : Free


Istituto Italiano di Cultura | La Valletta