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The MA programme in Film Studies and the Department of Italian of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Malta, in collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, are honoured to participate in the Valletta Film Festival with the screening of Liliana Cavani’s The Night Porter.

A restored version of The Night Porter, provided by the Cineteca Nazionale will screen on Monday 17 June at 18:00 at Spazju Kreattiv, with Cavani in conversation.

Screening is free admission. More information on how to book will be available shortly.

The Night Porter by Liliana Cavani

1975 |1h 58min| In English with Italian subtitles | Digital restoration by CSC-Cineteca Nazionale and LUCE-Cinecittà

Starring Dirk Bogarde (Max), Charlotte Rampling (Lucia), Philippe Leroy (Klaus), Gabriele Ferzetti (Hans), Nora Ricci (frau Holler), Isa Miranda (contessa Erika Stein), Giuseppe Addobbati (Stumm), Amedeo Amodio (Bert), Marino Masé (Atherton, marito di Lucia), Ugo Cardea (Mario), Nino Bignamini (Adolph), Piero Mazzinghi (portiere di giorno), Geoffrey Copleston (Kurt), Manfred Freyberger (Dobson).

Vienna, 1957. Max, the night porter of a ‘fin de siècle’ hotel, recognises a guest, Lucia, the wife of an orchestra conductor, whom he had met fifteen years earlier when she was a teenager interned in a Nazi concentration camp. Max had been an SS officer and had been involved in a sadomasochistic relationship with the girl, a mixture of tenderness and profound cruelty, characterised by a murky yet deeply felt complicity. Lucia too has recognised Max, and, fatally, under these exceptional circumstances the relationship between the two, between victim and tormenter, imposes itself once again. Max, among other things, wants to make sure that Lucia isn’t called to testify in a mock trial that his former SS comrades are planning. These “trials” are being put on by the ex-Nazis to “remove” any guilt complex from the accused. And the judges make any dangerous witnesses disappear. Max and Lucia, now inseparably tied to each other, will experience together all the shades of hatred and love, of tenderness and violence, and together will meet their tragic, preordained and perhaps desired, fate.


Liliana Cavani was born the 12th January 1933 in Carpi, near Modena. Her father was an architect, her mother was passionate about cinema and would take her daughter to the cinema every Sunday. She graduated in Ancient Literature from the University of Bologna in 1959. After graduating, she attended the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome to study directing. She began making documentaries for television, directing several documentaries and investigations in the early sixties, then she moved on to direct her first full-length feature film Francesco d’Assisi (1966), produced for television. As a director she showed (and would continue to show) herself capable of interpreting her characters by giving them a solid and up-to-date bibliographic base and through her own professional expertise.

Director filmography

Incontro di notte – CSC diploma short film (1961)

La vita militare – documentary (1961)

Gente di teatro – documentary (1961)

L’uomo della burocrazia – documentary (1961)

Assalto al consumatore – documentary (1961)

Storia del Terzo Reich – documentary (1962)

La battaglia – documentary CSC (1962)

Età di Stalin – documentary (1963)

La casa in Italia – documentary (1964)

Gesù mio fratello – documentary (1965)

Il giorno della pace – documentary (1965)

La donna nella Resistenza – documentary (1965)

Philippe Pétain. Processo a Vichy – documentary (1965)

Francesco d’Assisi (1966)

Galileo (1968)

The Cannibals (I cannibali) (1969)

The Guest (L’ospite) (1971)

Milarepa (1973)

The Night Porter (Il portiere di notte) (1974)

Beyond Good and Evil (Al di là del bene e del male) (1977)

The Skin (La pelle) (1980)

Beyond the Door (Oltre la porta) (1982)

The Berlin Affair (Interno berlinese) (1985)

Francesco (1989)

Where Are You? I’m Here (Dove siete? Io sono qu)i (1993)

Ripley’s Game (2002)

De Gasperi, The Man of Hope (De Gasperi. L’uomo della speranza) (2005)

Einstein (2008)

Troppo amore (2011)

Clarisse – documentary short (2012)

Francesco (2014)


Date: Thursday, June 20, 2019

Time: At 4:00 pm

Organized by : Film Grain Foundation, Istituto Italiano di Cultura | La Valletta, MA programme in Film Studies of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Malta

In collaboration with : Cineteca Nazionale

Entrance : Free


Spazju Kreattiv Cinema | Valletta