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Goya: il primo autoritratto



Goya: il primo autoritratto

The painting under examination was attributed to Goya in the past; it came from the Casino Principal in Saragoza in 1870 and Don Carlos de Haes was the owner; successively, it belonged to J.Boehler from Monaco in Bavaria.

Purchased by Gimpel &Wildenstein in Paris, via With Wildenstein & Co. in New York, it arrived at the City Art Museum of St. Louis on the 28th of January 1936.

The portrait was then successfully exhibited, under the direction of the abovementioned Museum, in several shows across the United States until 1962; it was later ignored by the subsequent exhibitions on Goya, including the Spanish ones, and the recent monographs on Goya written by José Gudiol, Pierre Gassier, Juliet Wilson and Rita de Angelis, where it was only quoted without publishing any image.

In light of all this, and the painting being obscured by heavy retouching, the portrait was unfairly neglected by critics. The retouching was executed during the XIX and XX centuries, with the intention to make the image appear “gentler and embellished”, but actually bringing it closer to a fake.

The St. Louis Museum decided to sell it through a Sotheby’s auction in New York, on the 17th of April 1986, (lot 29). Later on, it was sold again at another Sotheby’s auction in New York, on the 26th of January 2008,(lot 40). In both auctions it was presented as a painting by a follower of Goya.

It entered the antique market and recently was bought by an Italian collector, who realized the potential of this artwork and placed it in the capable hands of Leonetto Giovannini, a wellknown Florentine Master restorer.

Following the removal of the retouching, guided by a scientific analysis campaign, the artwork revealed itself as a great Masterpiece, executed in Italy by Goya in 1771.

Exhibitions before the de-accession:

New York- Brooklyn Museum “Exbition of Spanish Painting” October4-31-1935.Reproduced N°22

New York -Wildenstein & Co “Goya 1746-1828” November 9-December 30-1951.

N°1 reproduced page.6 as circa 1771

Bordeaux- Municipalité de Bourdeaux –May 15-June 30- 1951-catalogue G.Martin-Hery

N°3 as painted at Saragozza

Base-Basel Kunsthalle “Goya: Gemalde , Zeichnungen , Graphik, Tapisserien” J

anuary 23-April 12-1953 N°2 as circa 1780

Boston , circulated by Smithsonian Institute “Goya Drawings and Prints”- 1955- not in catalogue

Omaha, Joslyn Art Museum “Notable Paintings from Midwestern Collections”

November 30-1956-January 2 1957 N°2.

Milwaukee, The Milwaukee Art Institute, “An Inaugural Exhibition: El Greco, Rembrandt, Goya, Cezanne, Van Gogh,

Picasso, “September 12-October 20- 1957.N°59 reproduced page 39.

Dallas, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts “The Arts of Man” October 6-December 31 1962

After the restoration the painting has been exhibited

Exhibition: “Goya attraverso i suoi autoritratti”, cured by P.E. Mangiante, Etgraphiae, Roma, 2015, introduzione

C. Strinati, pp. 7-9; scheda dell’opera P.E. Mangiante, P.E. Mangiante, reproduced at p.2- p.24 fig.6a- p.78 fig.22-

24-p.82 tav 1.

Exhibition: “Goya e Guido Reni”, cured by Pierluigi Carofano, Pontedera, Palazzo Pretorio, 15 Giugno - 10 Agosto

2017, pp. 15-30 e pp. 31-36 (essays by P.E. Mangiante, E. Massa)

Program for the future on going events on Goya

- 7th of December 2018, Malta, La Valletta: Istituto di Cultura Italiano: Symposium: “Goya: Il primo autoritratto”

- 12-13th of July 2019, Italia, Monte Santa Maria Tiberina (PG), Symposium: “Goya: la tecnica esecutiva”

- Autumn 2019-Spring 2020, Italy-Russia, Firenze Palazzo Medici Riccardi (e/o Genova, in iter), Hermitage San

Pietroburgo, Exhibition: “Goya e l’Italia” (to be confirmed)

Scientific curators

Fr Marius Zerafa

Paolo Erasmo Mangiante

Roberta Lapucci

Joan Abellò Jampere

Program of the Symposium

18.30- Massimo Sarti, President of the Italian Cultural Institute, Welcome

18.45- Fr Marius Zerafa, Introduction

19.15- Paolo Erasmo Mangiante, Un autoritratto redivivo di Francisco Goya

20.00- Roberta Lapucci, Disamina degli aspetti tecnici e del restauro

20.45- Discussion

21.00- Buffet

Scientific curators

Fr Marius Zerafa Director Emeritus National Museum of Malta

Lecturer at Angelicum University, Rome

Paolo Erasmo Mangiante

Prof. Paolo Erasmo Mangiante, has been teaching at the Genua University for over 50 years and is currently President of the Faculty. In the field of figurative arts at the beginning his interest dealt with Renaissance Art; his research in this field culminated with the ample volume: L’alba del Rinascimento. Since 25 years ago he concentrated on the paintings by Francisco Goya, particularly studying his Italian apprenticeship period and he has published many essays and articles on this topic.

Roberta Lapucci PhD in Art History and Restorer

Professor and Conservation Area Head at SACI, an American University located in Florence and owner of a conservation company Techno-Rest-Art, she is specialized in Diagnostic applied to Art.

Joan Abellò Jampere Docente, Università Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona


Date: Friday, December 07, 2018

Time: At 6:30 pm

Organized by : Ambasciata d'Italia e Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Entrance : Free


Salone dell'Istituto